Mar 16, 2009

When you find yourself in times of boredom..

Spice things up a bit!

I came up with an idea for silly evenings of hopefully, fun, that is basically stolen and modified from Diablo 2 Ironman tournaments, where you try to get as far as possible in the game with severe restrictments.

In that game, it meant starting a level 1 character and seeing how far you can get in without any help allowed from higher level chars joining or passing down gear, and also no town visits to repair and buy/sell gear was allowed, what you found as you killed your way was what you could use. This was a quite popular tournament type back then, and I've been toying with the idea of modifying this quite a bit to try with the RUIN raiders and WoW.

I'll give a brief rundown on how to possibly do this here, but please help me if you see any problems that I don't or things that should be added. This is of course totally pointless, but... if the game's getting dull, why not make our own fun ?

So without further ado!

Project Ironman:

As the result of a Guardians strike in the Caverns of Time, things went a bit out of hand, and mysterious forces managed in their attempts to mess with things to turn back time on Azeroth, and great evils long thought defeated and part of history are again all bent on making things unpleasant for your average person living on Azeroth.

As if that was not enough, the powers of the great heroes who in their time vanquished these foes are also revoked, possibly also to prevent death knights from just going back and soloing them again. So what do we do? Well, as the good heroes and heroines we are, we go back and re-school the bads!

Rules for participation:
Any high level (80? 70? 60?) character may join.
Basic gear allowed only, whatever gear your char has currently is assumed to have gone poof. (25g for example start fund, any choice of vendor equipment allowed, no AH)
Start zone: Molten Core or maybe Zul Gurub (depends on signups and how hard it will actually be, havent tested)

Beating the bads of WoW once again, from start to finish, using only what we find on the way.

And thats it pretty much. For this to work I'd guess it needs about 20+ interested. So, my questions are, does this sound like something that could work/be fun? And has anyone tried something similar before? If so, please share your experiences with it!


Lisandra said...

Ye, sounds like fun! Would like to come on a "naked" run - as a matter of fact, I had already proposed naked Karazhan runs at 70 where you go in without gear and wear what drops. It was rejected back then (even though wiping wouldn't cost anything to repair ^^)...
So as usual, it depends on the date and time, but ye, I are in.

Vads said...

Hehe well going in naked karazhan at level 70 does sound awfully challenging, in fact im wondering if it might be difficult to do this too but ideally doable, bit wipy perhaps at start and then it gets a bit easier when most get a bit of 60 gear, and then more challenging again when we hit the harder spots in 60/70 raids. :)

Darraxus said...

The difficuly thing would be keeping tanks alive to be honest. With zero gear, they may not last long. The health pool of a toon with no gear at 80 is most likely much less than a crappy geared level 60.

Vads said...

Druid friend of mine said the other day he has 8k hp unbuffed naked at 80, if I recall correctly that is likething like 2.5k more than I had back when I was tanking MC. But theres the extra mitigation from armor too of course.

It'd no doubt be rocky aye but doable I think. One could also up the "start kit" to something gear of any quality up to ilvl 60 or something to make the start less hazardous