Dec 2, 2012

Wicked Video Game OST's Part one: Rusty Hearts

Soundtracks associated with video games can sometimes be beautiful, masterfully done and memorable, yet are rarely recognized widely.  Not entirely, thanks to wonderful things such as Video Games Live, The Ohio State Marching Band, and other rare but appreciated concerts and other events, but they still need a lot more love.

In an effort to shine light on the mad talent involved in bringing video games to life through music, I want to do a series of posts highlighting some of my most memorable encounters with Video game music.

Starting us off, we'll stay a while and listen to the soundtrack from Korea developed MMO/beat'em'up (a rather unique genre!) Rusty Hearts.

First off, the main theme of Rusty Hearts:

A very dreamy piano theme that just wants you to stay on the title screen.  There's nothing very advanced going on in this piece but the melody is incredibly smooth, a beautiful piece.  I won't hold it against you if you just leave this track on repeat.

Next we'll play Requiem, from one of the battle stages:

Another very listenable piano piece here as well, this time accompanied with acoustic guitar, strings and organ.  I do love listening to this, and it fits right in with the coop hack and slash action from the earlier levels of the game before things get entirely too crazy.

I could just put the whole soundtrack here but I will pick one more song to play, this time the track named "Wings":

Slighty deeper into the game here where things are getting quite a bit tougher, but the music puts you right into it with an epic and fast paced violin theme accompanied by electric guitar, organ, drum and bass.

These are just a few examples of the soundtrack from Rusty Hearts.  There are themes more rocked up with metal riffs too, and even some dance tunes as well, overall of very high quality.

If you liked the music and wish to hear more, search it up on Youtube or just get the game, Rusty Hearts is available as a Free-to-play release on Steam.  I do like the game, and it should appeal to anyone fond of fighting games or beat'em'ups, or faster paced MMO's. :)

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