Dec 2, 2012

Wicked Video Game OST's Part one: Rusty Hearts

Soundtracks associated with video games can sometimes be beautiful, masterfully done and memorable, yet are rarely recognized widely.  Not entirely, thanks to wonderful things such as Video Games Live, The Ohio State Marching Band, and other rare but appreciated concerts and other events, but they still need a lot more love.

In an effort to shine light on the mad talent involved in bringing video games to life through music, I want to do a series of posts highlighting some of my most memorable encounters with Video game music.

Starting us off, we'll stay a while and listen to the soundtrack from Korea developed MMO/beat'em'up (a rather unique genre!) Rusty Hearts.

First off, the main theme of Rusty Hearts:

A very dreamy piano theme that just wants you to stay on the title screen.  There's nothing very advanced going on in this piece but the melody is incredibly smooth, a beautiful piece.  I won't hold it against you if you just leave this track on repeat.

Dec 1, 2012

Stealing pets from popular people!

Mass brain cell harakiri possible:

If you lost your pet, perhaps check with this chick first, also be less popular!

Edit: Yup, she's pretty awesome.  here's another!


Review: Defender's Quest

Released: Nov 2011 ? I have been looking hard to nail it, but I'm not entirely 100% sure.  Bust my balls if I'm wrong, here.
Developed by: Lars Boucet
Published by: Lars Boucet

Defender's Quest throws you into the soles of Azra, a victim of a plague, who somehow gains magic talents and spirit world powers from a plague related near death experience, letting her tap into power from the beyond, being half dead from the plague but not quite and everything.  She's very frail but quickly finds out she's able to fight this plague from her half spirit realm, through spells and summoning companions into the "half way there" realm, the only place plague zombies, snails and acid spitting serpents can be put down for good.