Nov 25, 2012

The world has officially gone crazy.

That's it, Earth's fate is sealed, we are setting sail for insanity frolics.  For today, I recieved proof that the race of man is as I have suspected for a while, is still sailing hard towards its doom.  I have heard stories of my revelations before, but I have most healthily discarded these stories as wild superstition, but unfortunately  I am here today to tell you that the end is, indeed, coming.  For today, outside of my house, I found myself  at a coffee bar, and I had a woman in front of me in the line, who ordered a "frappuchino", with extra chocolate, extra cream, and no coffee.  And the barista responded that it was coming right up.  So this person went to a coffee bar in order to get herself a fashionable cup of coffe, that has no coffee in it.  Furthermore, this woman who has allegedly studied and taken an actual education in coffee making, said sure, coming right up.

So that's it, then!  Next we'll have babies made without actual sexual intercourse involved!  Hold the press, thats already happening, too.  This is DEFINITELY it, then.  It's been good y'all !

Today's post may be exaggerating certain points for humour.  As much as the author would like it, the world will most likely not end for a good while, yet.


Stan said...


Burn that heretic!

Vads said...

It was horrible!

Cheers for the comment, Stan. :)

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