Nov 30, 2012

Seriously, though:

It's weekend!

Enjoy a song from the lovely and wildly talented Sarah Donner!

Once that's done, feel free to check out Motherfucking Pterodactyl by the same artist.  Isn't she great?  Thanks to fellow motherfuckers Stan and Chris for getting me into her in the first place!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Nov 25, 2012

On a more serious note:

I still have a ton of games I'd love to do indepth reviews on.  I may already be spending unhealthy amounts of hours playing these things, but putting down representative and honest reviews for them takes time, as well.  Currently I am working on my review for a lovely indie game called Defender's Quest, which is half traditional Tower Defense, and half RPG/Story content.  I'm enjoying my time playing it a lot so far.  Until the review is done, there is a demo available here which may be of interest  It is a rather enjoyable game for anyone liking TD style games.

Short list of definitely happening reviews: Borderlands 2,  Darksiders 2,  XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Longer list of reviews I want to do when I can:  Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2, Serious Sam 1+2+3, Torchlight 2, Magic The Gathering, Duels of the Planewalkers 2013.

The world has officially gone crazy.

That's it, Earth's fate is sealed, we are setting sail for insanity frolics.  For today, I recieved proof that the race of man is as I have suspected for a while, is still sailing hard towards its doom.  I have heard stories of my revelations before, but I have most healthily discarded these stories as wild superstition, but unfortunately  I am here today to tell you that the end is, indeed, coming.  For today, outside of my house, I found myself  at a coffee bar, and I had a woman in front of me in the line, who ordered a "frappuchino", with extra chocolate, extra cream, and no coffee.  And the barista responded that it was coming right up.  So this person went to a coffee bar in order to get herself a fashionable cup of coffe, that has no coffee in it.  Furthermore, this woman who has allegedly studied and taken an actual education in coffee making, said sure, coming right up.

So that's it, then!  Next we'll have babies made without actual sexual intercourse involved!  Hold the press, thats already happening, too.  This is DEFINITELY it, then.  It's been good y'all !

Today's post may be exaggerating certain points for humour.  As much as the author would like it, the world will most likely not end for a good while, yet.

Nov 24, 2012

Is being hello!

Words are moot.  You're welcome!

Is being hello ?

Please to direction Moxxi Underboob Palacio ?

Here you go luvs!


(Jesper Kyd rocks)

(Maybe more Borderlands soon)

Review: NFS Most Wanted PC

Released: Oct 30, 2012
Developed by: Criterion Games
Published by: Electronic Arts

Jumping in with both feet, here.  There's no story involved in Most Wanted.  As soon as you launch the program and it's done loading, you're thrown head first into a big city with no clue what's going on, apart from event locations plotted into EasyDrive.  If the developers can't be assed writing any form of story that puts you into the game, then neither will I, sorry.

(I was going to write this review for players unfamiliar with the original Most Wanted, but it just can't be done, my apologies)  If you played the first Most Wanted game, you will probably know what's expected of you, but I suppose Most Wanted rookies might like to know just what is their incentive for burning rubber and getting chased by police as soon as they round the first corner. No such background is given.  To briefly fill in those blanks for you, you play a fresh arrival in the city the game takes place in, and for unknown reasons get into the underground racing scene with an ambition to become the most wanted by the police.  Why you would want to be that is anyone's guess.

Taking it online (720p all details lowest, best I can play at online, its still too choppy sometimes, tho)