May 20, 2011

World of Warcraft: Premium Real ID cross realm LFD service

Before saying anything else, if you haven't already seen it, go here and see the extra charge premium feature we got coming.

I'll just say it right away, I really can not recognize the old Blizzard Entertainment that put customers first anymore.

I got a million things to say but can't really put it into any rational structure at the moment so I will just say this. I pay a monthly subscription fee to play your game, I am by definition a premium member. In the MMO market you can not charge a subscription fee and expect people to pay money on top of that to get access to your game's features!

God! I want to say so much more on this, I will perhaps when I can put it together in a more or less intellectual wall of text that can make sense.

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WoW Shaman Guide said...

Maybe they were just to busy and there has been some problems with the system. But I hope they can fix it soon. It's not so good to pay and not having a good service. I sympathize with you.