Feb 16, 2011

World first Grammy award for a computer game!

Hey, delicious news for you this time. I'm very happy to report that The "Baba Yetu" main title theme for Civilization IV was not only nominated for a Grammy award this year (Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)), but won it as well! While Civilization IV was released back in 2005, it was included on the fresh release "Calling All Dawns" (Which won an award as well!), and thus qualified for this year's nomination. If I'm not completely mistaken now, this is the first time a music score for a computer game has ever got a Grammy award, how cool is that!

The Baba Yetu is originially a Swahili Christian hymn, more precisely a translation of the Lord's Prayer. I have loved this particular piece of game music since the first time I started Civ IV, and found myself unable to start the actual game, cause I was struck stunned listening to the menu music. The Civ IV interpretation of Baba Yetu has also been a feature of the Video Games Live project concerts for years.

Included are the Video Games Live concert version of the song (cause I think its the best, and its introduced by the composer), and the originial nominated song. :) Change the youtube videos to at least 480 for better audio compression!

 VGL version (dont mind the 15 sec ad at the start):

Nominated official version:

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