Jan 19, 2011

Let's fight like gentlemen

Hey again, more Street Fighter stuff. This will be old news for anyone already following the game, but considering Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is out (finally!) and its console version updates hopefully right around the corner, and (wishful thinking now) maybe a PC version release.. It doesn't seem like such a bad time to work some hype.  Arcade Edition of SSFIV will feature several new playable characters characters (should say returning characters from 3S) and a large number of balance tweaks to the existing cast.

If that's not enough, Street Fighter VS Tekken is still being plugged away at and I expect we'll hear more news as it comes closer to release. AND There's ever more sharp looking Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming up in hopefully not that long now as well. And here I thought 2010 was a good year for fighters.. This just keeps getting better!

To whet appetites for fighting like gentlemen (or the opposite) I'm including some footage for Super Street Fighter IV which has been out for a while already but is still going very strong:

Aw.. I can't leave out Hakan, can I ?

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