Mar 2, 2009

Tonight's raid canned, we tune in to extreme UI makeover.

I went to work on my outdated interface and here we go, extreme UI makeover, WoW style.

I kept some elements from my old UI that I liked and moved things about a bit, resized here and there, changed some things like buff frames and minimap, formatting for unit frames, tried to hide buttons and bars etc I dont need and tried to make everything blend together as best I could.

I've seen a lot of minimalist UI's but there's no way you're going to get me to ditch my action bars, sorry :) I need my cooldowns visually and I hate using extra cooldown addons, so this is what we'll stick with. I'll trim it down a bit more (I dont really need those craft buttons for example), but for half an hour's work I'm pretty happy with the new look :)

Apart from the action bars which I dont want to do away with, is there anything else I can hide ? Details I've missed, things like that. Figure as I spend a lot of time watching this screen, it might as well be kind to the eye. As long as I'm already trying to tweak it a bit I'd be happy to hear some opinions. :)

Took a raid shot as well to show the extra frames etc. Oh and looking a bit closer at the minimap I reckon the red runes should be toned down a bit, looks a bit intense.


Chad S. said...

Which unitframes mod is that?

Also - your minimap would drive me crazy on KT, since it looks so much like a void zone >.<

Vads said...

Heya Yakra,

The unit and raidframes are actually just Pitbull with some minor configuring.

And yes although the minimap looks bad ass, I got to make those runes abit more transparent hehe.

But I got a lot more free sreen space than before, can definately get used to this ^^