Jan 17, 2009

About the author

First of all, welcome to my humble blog spot! For anyone happening to stumble by here's a quick introduction.

I am a WoW player, known as Vads, orc warrior residing on EU-Defias Brotherhood since it launched one year after the game launched. Prior to that I had a human mage on Ragnaros which wasnt quite my cuppa (far as pvp servers go it was allright, mind), so I made a human rogue on Argent Dawn by the name of Arja. Never been that content with the base game so when I discovered Roleplaying servers it was a very natural switch. Found myself a rather zany doomsday cult RP guild, and got stuck right with it, right until we had the introduction or RP-PVP servers, at which point me and the bulk of said cultist guild found it a natural move. Since my arrival on RP-PVP Defias Brotherhood I have never looked back!

While I have always personally been very achievement oriented I thrive best in a casual enviroment, therefore I was thrilled when I eventually joined The Orphans Grim , a RP slash PVE oriented guild catered for senior citizens (Read: 25+, in the online realm that counts as senior I reckon). Thats not to say we weren't raid oriented, mind. While not cutting edge we cleared our way to Sunwell before Wrath hit the shelves. And yes, I know pve got nerfed before then, but at least we were IN Black Temple before it. :)

Post Wrath I still play my warrior as my main character, tanking as I have since Arms spec was rave for MC and BWL tanking, so while I didnt have the pleasure unfortunately of tanking AQ40 at 60, and the deepest recluses of Sunwell at 70 I still dare say I have some experience doing what I find the most enjoyable experience of WoW is, namely tanking big bad baddies. I am also very much for world pvp and well, pvp in general, which will be reflected on in future posts.

On the guild management side I also have some expertise. Lead first a pvp guild on Ragnaros, then taking on officership in a roleplay guild, until I took on shared guild leadership in a council of a RP/PVE guild where while I am still a member, I recently stepped down as I realized current work and RL, as well as regular raiding obligations were keeping me far too busy. Dropped the leadership role and is currently quite ok working my ass off, raiding some in the evenings and leaving it at that.

As I am writing this we are still working on on 25 man content of WotLK, raiding 25man 3 evenings per week and mostly being silly the rest of the time.

And that about sums your author here up until now!

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